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About the Sculptor - Shannon Cooney

Edited by Bob Fisher, Traveling Journalist

Shannon Cooney was born in Sherbrooke Québec, Canada in 1981. He graduated in 2000 from Stanstead College with prizes in Sociology and Economics. He subsequently went on to Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia for two years to study business administration.

On returning home to Québec's Eastern Townships, Shannon decided to pursue his real love — art. As a child he had always been drawing pictures and making small sculptures out of driftwood and, so he decided to continue with this passion.

Admiring a table that his father had made in 1959 from an old water-logged stump — and being an innovator and entrepreneur himself — Shannon decided to make something of his own.

After much research and many hours of hard labour, Shannon's first "Antique Drunkwood"sculpture was completed. He has since gone on to produce many more and to create a whole new art form.

Using Antique Drunkwood, glass, bronze, granite, bone, imagination and creativity, Shannon is able to create one of a kind works of art. His sculptures capture the spirit of these hidden treasures; you only need to run your hands over one of his works to feel the life in it. The texture, complex and idiosyncratic shapes, and intricacy of the wood give it its own vibrancy— an energy that Shannon has reclaimed.

Shannon's Antique Drunkwood Creations have been exhibited at Molini South in the Design Center of the Americas (DCOTA), Dania Beach, Florida. Photographs have been shown at Carrazza Gallery in Bahia Mar Yachting Center and YK Yacht Design in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Shannon also exhibits his new works annually at the Elephant Barn during the Festival of Arts of Georgeville and Fitch Bay, Québec.

Edited by Bob Fisher, Traveling Journalist