My Thoughts

Deep Thoughts - by Shannon Cooney

"Nature needed a voice, so I gave it one!" Shannon Cooney 2007

In my art you will learn about nature, love, creation, but most importantly you will learn about yourself. I love to turn the ordinary into something more appreciable. Ever since I was a child, I listened to the teachings and stories of everyone. I listened to my parents, my teachers, my friends, and my family. I realised that their teachings and stories were creating me, my past, present and my future. I trusted and respected them, so I believed thier truths, which in turn became my truths. Until I soon became aware that mostly everything in the western world was based on materialism, and satisfying the ego. I realised that the materialist society that we live in wanted to make sure that we would stay slaves to their capitalist desires. I became aware that most of my teachers were opinionless and already someone elses slaves. This is when I was left with a crucial decision to make...Do I follow what my firsts created for me, or do I create something new for the next to follow? I realised that I would help make it worst as a follower, or I could try to make it better as a leader.

I decided to lead you in a new direction. I am using nature as my teacher and my art as a voice, where you can listen if you desire to learn something new. I want you to realise that if you haven't discovered and felt the vibrations of nature then you haven't learnt much truth about yourself. The only way that you will learn from the ultimate teacher is by loving, opening and sharing yourself with nature. Only then will she reveal to you the true potential relationship that you and her have together.

I create in the moment, completely forgetting about the superficial world around me, automatically emerging myself in the true beauty of her creation. "Forget the past and future and live the moment.. now!", this should be your mental state of mind in order to fully appreciate my art and feel the true mysterious powers and vibrations that nature has upon us.

At first we are free, soon, the ego enslaves us, then, if we choose to believe nature, nature will teach us knowledge, and knowledge gives us power, the power to be free and create again. And so here I am creating love with nature, in order to help you rediscover your natural freedom, the freedom to be a god again.