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(Description of pictures from left to right):1. Centre Culturel Yvonne L. Bombardier, Valcourt, Quebec

  • 1. The night of the vernissage. In the picture we have the sculpture "Lady Lace" and my friend and coordinator of this event Patrick C. Rouillard. In the middle, there is the Vice President of operations for the J. A. Bombardier Foundation, France Bisonnette, and, in the back, there is me.
  • 2. Here is me with the sculpture Personna, you can see the map of lake memphremagog in the back that is printed on artists canvas. This map is for sale, it is 8' x 3'... it is also available in different dimensions.
  • 3. Here is Taiga, a memphre stone that has been turned into a sphere, the base is steel that I have patinaed with acids to give it the appearance of bronze.
  • 4. This is "Dancer", dancing on a cherry hardwood floor... in front of a set of large mirrors.


    This was a very important event for me, having a large impact on my life and career. This event was covered by most of the local media including live on Radio Canada News, our national french TV station. It was my first solo exhibition that lasted over two months.